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1.19, I am concerned about security, can you give me tips on what to do safely with quieter times, and places, if I can still use uber, quiet tram, and Santa Teresa is working. i will stay in copacaba.abraco

Hi Liana, we came back to Rio last week and we are calm. Of course, you need to pay extra attention, not goofing around with a purse and cell phone, but just yesterday, for example, I went to the Uber beach, came back at night, enjoyed the bars in Ipanema, all very quiet.

The Santa Teresa tram is working, and I’ve seen friends riding it this week.

Larissa, I would like to know which attractions mentioned are free. I’m going to Rio next week…

Hi Michelle, sorry for the delay, you are probably already in Rio. About free places: Parque Lage; the part of the Olympic Boulevard there, without entering the museums; the beaches, of course; Landfill; IMS; Ruins Park; CCBB; the trails; night points; Monastery of St. benedict; Royal Portuguese Office.

Great information! I loved it! I’m going with my husband on vacation in August! I want to see all these places. Let’s stay in Copacabana, do you have any tips on the location? Somewhere to eat more close by? And another thing .. the security .. What do you recommend we can ride uber safe? By bus? By subway? .. Thank you very much in advance.

Oi Elisa, in Copacabana there are the most varied options to eat, the cheapest are the restaurants with self-service or made dish. If I remember correctly, at the corner of Rua Tonelero and Anita Garibaldi there is a restaurant called Typically that was very cheap and the dishes were huge.

Riding an Uber is safe, as well as taking the subway (which is cool). I have never had any problems with any transport in Rio, but it is worth redoubling attention on buses and subways.

Larissa, good morning. I will be in Rio in January 2019. I have been observing in internet searches how much food was expensive in Rio, especially food by the kilo. I’m staying in Flamengo and for example I called a restaurant by the kilo and they told me that the kilo is R $ 74.90. I was amazed. Could you point me to good and cheap places to eat in Rio de Janeiro?

Oi Clésio, really, the prices in Rio are absurd, even more visiting other states in Brazil. About cheap food, it is really difficult, they are usually in this range. We live in Flamengo (but we are out of the country now) and we know how it is… We used to go to Sabor Local, in Marquês de Abrantes; at Balaio, at Tv dos Tamoios (we love it!); and at Restaurante da Praça, at Praça São Salvador. These are the most affordable options I can remember.

Lariii, loved it !! I’m from Recife, I’m going to my husband in June, even, let’s leave our São João to enjoy Rio. I believe you have a little forrozinho to dance, right? Big kiss 😘

Hi Tamyris! Good to know that you will enjoy São João do Rio! Be sure to go to the Feira de São Cristóvão, which has forró practically 24 hours a day and also go to the June party of Paquetá Island, which gets more popular every year!

There were some things missing like Barra da Tijuca Beach, Grumari and Reserva which for me is much more worthwhile than Leme since it is nothing more than an extension of the canopy beach.